Only 4 minutes to read the text in this page. Four minutes that can change your point of view on strengthening your immune system, which allows you to maintain health and also to lose weight, to allow your body to stay in shape.

No matter how much physical activity you do, if you don't eat healthy you are destined to get limited results.

And if your results are delayed or don't last long you may start feeling upset and give up going to your gym or fitness centre.

Eating unhealthy food doesn't just include hot dogs, chips, candy bars and sugary drinks.
Many people are convinced they are eating healthy but it's not at all the case once you investigate further.  

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This video clarifies what is the secret that blocks weight loss:

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Speaking of nutrition and more generally of health you need to bear in mind a specific date: 1977.  In that year the first American dietary guidelines were published.

Guidelines that every western country made theirs thus creating a real divide that jeopardised the health of the world's population.

Americans were told on one hand to increase the number of carbs to make up for 55-60% of their daily calorie intake and on the other to reduce the number of fats that were wrongly believed to develop cardiovascular diseases. As the graph shows this wrong recipe has been the cause of tens of millions of sick people and millions of deaths over the last 40 years.

And not only in the United States but all over the world. And the forecasts for the next 15 years are disastrous, to say the least.


The other side of obesity is diabetes:
this terrible disease has reached epidemic proportions over the years.

The sore point still lies in carbohydrates.

How can you consistently reduce the intake of pasta, bread, pizza, toasts, rusks, biscuits, muffins, cakes, spreads and sweets overall?

If we didn't have ad hoc nutrients it would be very difficult because this kind of food is delicious and people struggle to change their eating habits.


The good news is that a medical team of 4 prestigious Italian universities and one university in California have invested hundreds of thousands of euros in research and development.

They didn't stop to the theory but decided to turn their innovative idea into reality by selecting some companies that were manufacturing foods containing carbs.
These companies were asked to follow a production protocol and, after some tests, only one company managed to replicate the exact study outcome in their food products. They are unique in the world and can get to the root of several physical problems, something previously unimaginable.
It's important to stress we are talking about real food and not about the common meal replacements (shakes and bars) nor about that pasta that is pretended to be healthy. Such foods come plentiful in today's market but have no nutritional elements (they are composed of glucomannan), aren't backed by any medical evidence and are just meant for occasional use.

The Investment Group therefore created a brand to conceive all those meals we would hardly give up and removed all those ingredients that are harmful to your health such as carbs in excess and refined flours that turned out to produce chronic inflammation and therefore obesity and diabetes in the first place. Raw materials of excellent quality were used to create products with exceptional nutritional values and high levels of fibre that are normally lost after the refining process. The flavour reached levels so high that these food products taste even better than the traditional ones. The difference is that traditional products (pasta, bread, pizza) are full of harmful substances and exceed in sugar.

On the contrary, the foods this study developed are equal to a vegetable and protein meal in the quantities that are right for our organism.

We already know that diets tend not to work in the medium-long term since they mainly aim at reducing the calorie intake and don't take emotional eating into account. When people are under stress or are at the mercy of negative emotions they use food as a consolation, as a symbolic compensation. For this reason, a meal plan that consists of deprivation and/or food with a bland taste is stopped just after a few weeks and this leaves people utterly frustrated.
The products this company is manufacturing are the outcome of significant investments in research and development and are so advanced that they were chosen to be published on Pubmed (the largest databased in the world of medical studies). Credit was also due to the researchers of the four prestigious universities involved: University of Naples Federico II, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of California, Berkeley.

Only 6 minutes to view this video

The results of this scientific study are extraordinary,
to say the least, as you can see from the video below:


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To date there are nowhere in the world foods that can have these results, especially after 6 weeks of intake; the competition, to give it a name, is just marketing products high in protein (usually soy protein-based) that are either low or high in fibre, thus unbalanced and with a bad taste.

These food products are made up mainly of resistant starch and inulin that have a beneficial effect on the microbiome and reduce glucose variability after meals. And also of wheat and lupin proteins and a number of assimilable carbs lower than 5% when compared to 60-80% in traditional food. They bring also an important help to the immunity system.

To ensure those who decide to benefit from this nutrition have the best service, the Company has decided to market their products only via direct sale and by avoiding the large retailers. For this reason, we are taking care of introducing this revolutionary nutrition to the Maltese market by carefully selecting highly professional partners that are already operating in the market of health and wellness.


As you can see from the chart the increase in monthly turnover linked to the sale of these products is exponential and shows their extraordinary value.


The only way to take part in such a business is through the person that is telling you all about it and who believes so much in your professionalism that she took the chance to meet you today.

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